Why Focusing on Excellence is Perfect and Being A Perfectionist is Not So Perfect

Why Excellence is great and perfectionism is bad

Do you know anyone OR are yourself one — who spends a lot of time perfecting one assignment, on act, one task — so that the outcomes are magnanimous and superlatively extra-ordinary.

The zillion dollar question would be to ask them — how many times this extra-ordinary outcome actually happened to get the perfectionists the glory — I can bet a perfectionist is never satisfied with whatever they achieve or have done.

When this quest for perfection turns into an obsession –it becomes a serious threat to themselves maddening for those who are closest to these — in many people it may create life-long psychological issues like obsessive compulsive disorder and many other — needing therapy and behavior training.

Perfectionism is actually — our subconscious response to mask our weaknesses, drawbacks, negativities — which happens when we have deep-rooted insecurities.

What 10 negative impacts — Perfectionism can create in our lives

1. We become less efficient and effective

2. We never feel satisfied with what we have accomplished in spite of putting long hours of grueling efforts and hard-work

3. Our productivity is bare-minimum and we achieve less

In this article you will learn

- What 10 negative impacts — Perfectionism can create in our lives

- 22 issues Perfectionists have in their lives

- 10 basic tips to Understand what is excellence

- 28 tips on How to shift from perfectionism to excellence — Becoming productive healthy

22 issues Perfectionists have in their lives

1. They can’t take criticism from even their biggest well-wishers and supporters — simply because — they equate criticism with failure and failure with worthlessness

2. They externalize their anger of their being criticized — by becoming defensive AND lashing out at their critics — irrespective of whether the criticism is real or perceived

3. Perfectionists tend to be critical of others — It’s a defense mechanism that causes them to reject in others what they are unable to accept in themselves — and the more they notice their shortcomings — the more they get fixated to project these on other people — the closest will face the fire most

4. Most of what they think is criticism from others — is actually a projection of their own lacunas

5. They are overly critical of others — they can only see negatives AND even when asked for positives — they will mix it with heavy dose of what is not good

6. They can’t take criticism — BUT — they feel very comfortable and enjoy dishing it out to especially their most loved ones — they are off-course very careful not do this with outsiders

10 basic tips to Understand what is excellence

1. Excellence — allows for imperfections and mistakes

2. Excellence is about correcting and moving on with life

3. In Excellence the flaws are viewed as something either to accept or improve — not something to lose sleep on

4. Excellence is striving high — but offering yourself grace for mistakes made

28 tips on How to shift from perfectionism to excellence — Healthy Productivity

1. Draw a line AND implementing it with zeal

I. When will you finish a project

II. When will you decide one way or other — if this is the case

III. When will you move-on

IV. When will you take action real-time — after planning

V. Identifying the time-value– it has to be a balanced trade-off between quality and productivity — It has to meet the required deadlines which is expected from us

VI. It has to be focused on taking us towards our big-picture

VII. Our energies and time have to become focused on the big High-payoff activities

2. Making mistakes and failing has to be acceptable

3. Bouncing-back has to be part of the deal every-time we fail

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